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Dr. Anne Meyer’s Protocol for Grant Virgin (Traumatic Brain Injury 2012)

Dr. Anne Meyer’s Protocol for Grant Virgin (Traumatic Brain Injury 2012)

Listen to the amazing recovering of Grant Virgin whose recovered from Traumatic Brain Injury, multiple trauma, and a coma when doctors told his mother JJ Virgin to let him go. You can download the free ebook with the protocol used for his amazing recovery with Dr. Anne Meyer and JJ Virgin at

Dr. Anne Meyer’s Protocol for Grant Virgin (Traumatic Brain Injury and multiple trauma 2012)

The following Young Living Essential Oils were incorporated into my treatments for Grant.  Knowing he had a traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures I used a variety of essential oils to enhance cognition, give emotional support, assist with sleep and pain control and promote soft tissue healing.

  1. Lavender: to reduce agitation, enhance relaxation, reduce soft tissue swelling, bruises, pain and help to skin regeneration from abrasions.
  2. Rutavala: proprietary blend of ruta graveolens, lavender, and valerian to help induce sleep when restless at night.
  3. Frankincense: may improve oxygen delivery to the brain. Contains sesquiterpenes, which stimulate the limbic system of the brain, hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands.
  4. Peppermint: to enhance alertness, focus, concentration and memory. Also helpful in digestion and treatment for headaches.
  5. Trauma life: proprietary blend of valerian, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, rose, helichrysum, spruce, geranium, davana and citrus hystrix.  Used for emotional trauma from accidents, assault.
  6. Deep relief roll-on: proprietary blend of peppermint, lemon, Idaho balsam fir, copaiba, clove, wintergreen, helichrysum, vetiver, palo santo, and fractionated coconut oil.  Pain relief to muscles, soft tissue, headaches.

These oils were given to Grant to breathe, applied to the bottom of his feet and to the temples.  Peppermint was also circularly applied over his abdomen.

2-3 drops of each oil at a time was used, several times per day.  Oils can be “layered” by using them consecutively.

A Neuro Auricular treatment was also given to him when in rehab.  This is a technique performed after specific training.  It combines the use of essential oils with acupressure using a small round tipped instrument to the meridians.

It is my belief that this combination of oils along with all of the other treatments/nutrition he received contributed to the amazing recovery he enjoys today.  In addition the outstanding medical care from the nurses, doctors, therapists, aides and all the support from around the world no doubt led to the miracle of his survival.

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