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Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in Calm, For Dogs |

It’s Weiner Rehab Time

It’s Weiner Rehab Time

Your imagination may take you on a wild rollercoaster ride, but let me assure you there’s nothing scatological about this story.

You see, I have a life long love of doxies, a.k.a. wiener dogs.

I don’t know why suffice it to say I’m sure it’s not Freudian.  They make me smile, laugh and always comfort me at the right time.  Just like a great friend, your dog knows your needs better than you sometimes.

The only risk unique to a wiener dog unfortunately, is that their body is built like a suspension bridge with ears…long ears.  This architectural design resulted in a large disc herniation in my sweet 3-year-old doxie, HanaLulu.

Fortunately she had a very successful surgery.  The post-op agitation was heart breaking however.  Into the second day I knocked myself on the head as if I forgot my V-8.  But instead, I had forgotten the lavender oil.  It was like a gift from the gods!

Lavender Oil Saved the Day

Within 20 minutes after applying a few drops on her back muscles, she was perfectly calm, went to sleep, never to feel restless again!  Fast-forward 6 months, another slip of the disc.  This time it was “full on paralysis” of her back legs and once again, a successful surgery. Ca-ching.

Not forgotten was the relief she had with the therapeutic grade lavender oil after her first operation.  So I’m here to say that lavender oil was such a blessing in her recovery.  

Weiner Post Op Protocal

I applied it several times per day on the pads of her feet, tips of her ears and the muscles along the spine. Just 3 to 5 drops per application was all that was needed.

I was living in Venice, California at the time and for a psychological pump, I’d carry her daily to Gold’s Gym.  The enthusiastic Amazonian weight lifters perched outside always gave her encouragement.  I needed to think outside the box, never wanting her to give up.  Later came pool therapy complete with life preserver in my Zuma soaking tub.  Slowly, the twitch responses came, the legs began kicking and I had a champion dog paddler in the house.  I’m happy to say that HanaLulu will be 10 years old next month…strong, healthy and running like a champ!

***University of Miami researchers found inhaling lavender oil increases beta waves in the brain, suggesting heightened relaxation.
*** Lavender oil should be diluted with small animals

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